Exercise your body parts while playing poker

By | Februari 9, 2021

One day at the senior center, I discussed this topic with my poker friend, Lucy. He asked a logical question that followed my advice about taking occasional breaks from the poker table.

“Poker is a sedentary activity, unlike playing sports and shopping where you move. But you can train your body while sitting at the poker table, ”he nodded. “Have you ever heard of isometrics?”

Lucy explains: “Isometrics is an exercise that involves pulling or pushing against an immovable object, such as the edge of a poker table or the bottom of a chair when you sit on it. (Beware of chewing gum someone might implant in there.)

Regarding table workouts, Lucy and I often attend Gait and Balance classes at the Freda Mohr Senior Center, where Kathy W. (fantastic physical therapist) has taught us exercises that can be easily performed while sitting and engaging in a poker hand. Visit dewapoker , watching the action together with the players. Do this exercise instead of watching a basketball game on a large wall-mounted TV. Better yet, do your workout when you are out of control (most hands are given to you).

This includes stretching your arms and shoulders, keeping your arms close to your body so as not to disturb the player on your side. You can train your knees and arms while sitting – even when you are engaged in one hand. Clasp your hands on the outside of your knees and spread your hands apart, controlled by your arms. Sometimes, when I get out of my hands, I stand up and, using the back of my chair for balance, work on my knees and ankles – while watching the poker hand in progress.

Bottom line: There are lots of ways you can train your body parts when playing poker – even when you are in hand and focused on it, and watching your opponents. Occasional breaks from play – a brisk outdoor walk – are also highly recommended.